Tom Brennan

Founder and Administrator of Brennan Care Services

Tom Brennan, the founder of Brennan Care Services, has lived and worked in elder care services in the Lake Oswego and surrounding communities for over a decade. He determined to form Brennan Care Services over three years ago after handing off the Directorship of the Pastoral Care Ministry for Our Lady of the Lake Church. In addition to his own leadership and training in Elder Care Services, he has trained scores of volunteers and employees and spent thousands of personal hours in assessment, direct care, and services planning for hundreds of clients.

BCS Core Values
More than any business-related “missions”, BCS is driven by a core philosophy of kinship care:

“We believe that each individual, regardless of their age or health conditions, has the right to their exclusive dignity and safe independence. Our approach is to treat each client as we would members of our own families. We frequently act as surrogates family for those who are unable to match the demands of in-home or facility care for aging family on their own.” Tom Brennan.

BCS focuses on safety in the home as a top priority. At times, simple changes, such as the addition of grab bars, can make all the difference. Other clients have movement, nutritional or other rehabilitative needs to be met. We thoroughly assess each individual and/or couple and devise a service plan which is an action "road map" for our caregivers and clients and client families. From this snapshot starting point, BCS becomes an active participant in providing defined and required care and can adjust each plan as new needs arise.

BCS Caregivers Team
Tom Brennan has extensive experiences in matching client care needs with compassionate caregivers. He deliberately creates an atmosphere of mutual respect for clients and caregivers which make turnovers a remote risk:

“By engaging caring and dedicated staff who understand that this very special care work is as much an avocation as it is a vocation, I know I can begin each case with a care team advantage. I personally screen caregivers to be certain they possess the three most important BCS standards for care: recent and certified care training, high moral standards, and compassion. These last two qualities cannot be taught and are what give BCS an edge in direct and individual care.” Tom Brennan.

BCS Care Goals
BCS has developed distinct goals for client care and caregivers which are determined to be service-oriented:

“We are dedicated to helping BCS client individuals and families in word and action. Our agile size is an advantage in directing and shaping elder care goals and working with all medical and family care team members. BCS is completely devoted to our client's care and we can back our claims with a proven care track record.” Tom Brennan.