Emergence of BCS Philosophical and Spiritual Roots
BCS was first conceived in 1998 as a caregiving idea during a time when Tom Brennan was providing pastoral services as Director of Our Lady of the Lake Parish's Pastoral Care Ministry. In fact, even today as BCS operates a completely secular business activity, we are proud of our origins and continued staff abilities to provide Eucharistic and ancillary spiritual support services to our clients, particularly in end-of-life cases. Our philosophical approach to care and theoretical underpinnings are steeped in the spiritual direction of care for the "whole person". Many original and current staff were recruited from the Care Ministry Program as a direct result of their care experiences and the care training they received during that period.

Company Formation and Growth
BCS incorporated in July of 2000 as an S Corporation and remains so to this day. The decision to remain independent, as opposed to aligning with nation-wide care franchises, was firmly based on the idea of well-managed and planned growth. BCS feels very strongly that our primary focus is client service and the positive values we can add to families who seek a compassionate and wholly involved care solution. We have thus been able to take on new clients in an orderly and complete fashion without the added stress of required growth. As new and continuing care is added, BCS recruits deliberatively aiming for the best-trained and most compassionate individuals who share our "Independence and Dignity" care approach.

Practices and Procedures
From the outset of BCS, our care has sustained a level of safety and documented oversight which surpasses those requirements which are now set by the State of Oregon to gain agency status. BCS begins with a complete biography and medical history review and also includes database contact tracking of family, physicians, and all other care team members. We gear our communications practices to suit the family and to ensure that each loop (medical, social, emotional, etc.) is fully tracked, understood, and reported. BCS aims for true care transparency and will design a service plan which meets the client and client families' care and financial needs. We provide full disclosure to all clients of our services and fees within 30 days of the commencement of care.

BCS is fully insured across the board for any type of probably care incident including instances of errors and omissions. However, in over three years of intensive care operations, BCS has not had a single formal client complaint filed with the State or from internal staff. The company is also bonded to protect the families we serve. We have always provided complete criminal background checks on all of our caregiver employees, even when it was not a requirement of gaining agency status. Since gaining In-Home Care Agency status, we recently completed a fresh round of background checks for all staff.

Agency Status Granted in 2003
BCS applied for and was granted In-Home Care Agency Status in April of 2003. Our License (Certification # 15 2067) is on file with the State and BCS will apply for renewal on the anniversary date in April of 2004. Contact information for the Oregon State Department of Human Services - Health Services Division is provided elsewhere on this site.