Paul and Roberta Case History

Support Services:

Household Services


Bathing and Dressing

Personal Assistance

House Design Installations

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Organization & Tracking

Family Coordination


Intake Story
Paul contacted the local Adult Community Center seeking respite and in-home care assistance. Roberta, his wife of 50+ years, was diagnosed with dementia and required a heavy load of personal assistance with all of her activities of daily living. Paul contacted BCS and we were soon able to set-up a routine that gave Paul flexible respite times and Roberta the care she required to stay at home safely.

Personal Assistance - Bathing - Dressing - Personal Hygiene
Roberta has required an ever-increasing amount of personal care since the onset of her dementia. She is also struggling with bladder deficiencies, UTI's (urinary tract infections), and incontinence. Therefore, bathing and personal hygiene are high on the list of personal assistance tasks BCS provides. This is an on-going challenge for her caregivers since Roberta has a fear of enclosed spaces, sounds from cascading shower water, and changes in light. BCS works continually to reassure Roberta and works with Paul to provide household upgrades that are consistent with Roberta's declining mental status.

Respite - Landscaping and Interior Design - Household Services
BCS has worked with Paul and Roberta in their home for over three years. Because of Roberta's deteriorating condition, Paul has called on BCS to respond with increased care hours and respite times. During this period, BCS has recommended and implemented household design changes to support Roberta and Paul's independence. BCS coordinated the contractors who installed the bathroom grab bars, lift chairs, and other required medical equipment and support devices.

Companionship - Family Coordination - Security Checks
The greatest service we provide for Paul and Roberta is reliability and consistency. We are on-site at least four days a week. Roberta and Paul have had two primary caregivers who have integrated into the family routine and remain close to their entire extended family. Our services provide the family with a sense of security that their mother is receiving adequate and compassionate care and that their father is getting much needed respite. BCS frequently coordinates care times for Paul other than our scheduled times.

Roberta continues to decline and the family understands that the day will arrive when it will no longer be possible to sustain safety at home. BCS is working together with the family to review facility placement options. In the meantime, BCS provides personal assistance, hygiene tasks and companionship for Roberta and continued respite and household help for Paul.