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Intake Story
Nancy, aged 95, successfully completed a two-month recovery in a rehabilitation facility from a serious fall which had caused complicated injuries to her head, leg, back and hip. On a referral from Nancy's local Senior Center, Brennan Care Services (BCS) contacted Nancy and assessed home help needs just two days before her discharge. Nancy lives alone, and although she has an abundant pool of caring friends and neighbors, she nonetheless was very unsteady and in need of assistance with many daily living activities. After an initial assessment, Nancy and BCS agreed upon a daily visiting pattern. Our agreement reflected her desires to gradually reduce this assistance as her condition improved until she could ambulate independently.

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After five weeks of daily assistance, Nancy was making only satisfactory recovery progress. She was a willing participant in her home-based Physical Therapy, but was slowed by a high level of pain. BCS visited Nancy three-times a week and noted that she was anxious about the continued pain. Her sleeping pattern was also intermittent and disrupted by the pain despite mild sleeping medicine. Moreover, Nancy's doctor was distant to her calls for help and extremely reluctant to provide pain relief.

BCS worked with the clinic and was able to arrange for another female clinician in the same practice to administer to Nancy. The two hit it off and the new doctor recognized that both regular pain relief and an anti-anxiety medication were required. Unfortunately, Nancy's anxiety had already begun to peak. One day after beginning a course of anti-anxiety medication, Nancy had a full-blown anxiety attack and BCS was called in to assist on a 911 to the hospital.

Over the next two months, Nancy gradually gained confidence in the effectiveness of the anti-anxiety medication. Her need for pain relief fell sharply in almost direct proportion. Slowly, but surely, over a six-month period and with proper pain and anxiety relief, Nancy became her old self again with very little attendant loss from the initial fall.

Today at 97, Nancy walks with just the assistance of a cane or walker. She is once again the happy and upbeat person she was prior to her fall. BCS checks in regularly and is still troubleshooting household or medical issues on demand.