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Intake Story
Frances was a 93 year-old widow living alone at home when we first met through the local church. She has no living relatives, but had managed to develop a network of neighbors who support her home independence. Even with this aid, however, Frances had begun to outlast her support. Over time, her required medications were causing much confusion, and over a 6-month period, Frances had over four 911 calls when she was either over or under medicated. Her Power-of-Attorney enlisted the help of Brennan Care Services (BCS) during this period, and when her doctor finally refused to release her alone, BSC was fully prepared to make the move into an assisted living facility.

Facility Advocacy-Hospital Care & Rehabilitation - Household Management
It has been almost four years since Frances moved from her home to an assisted living facility and then had another subsequent transition to an Adult Foster Care facility. During that time, BCS has acted on her behalf in a multitude of capacities.

Frances has had a minimum of three life-threatening illnesses since BCS took over her case acting as the local contact for her Power-of -Attorney. She has amazing resilience and has bounced back from all three! However, BCS was at her side during each step of her multiple journeys from the assisted living facility to the emergency room to the hospital to the skilled nursing facility through rehabilitation and settling back again into her living facilities. Each time BCS has acted as her medical advocate, care coordinator, and compassionate friend.

Since her medications and her nutrition have become constant, Frances' health and mental outlook has improved significantly. BCS visits and monitors her assisted living facility care on a regular basis two to three times a week. In addition, BCS has arranged for Frances' transport to her vacant and cherished home for frequent visits to reminisce and pick out favored articles of clothing or other treasured items and sometimes just to visit and enjoy the view.

BCS is the sole local manager for all of Frances' wants and needs. She is still very alert and independent-minded, knows what she wants and is not hesitant to ask for it. BCS has acted as her main facility contact and advocate for multiple quarterly facility service plan meetings. Many alterations have been made to her living quarters and services because of BCS' advocacy on her behalf.

Frances, BCS, and the all required staff have become a well-matched team over the last four years of care. Whether it is to coordinate her transport to the doctor's offices, replace appliances, sell an old vehicle, or look after all of the interior and exterior household maintenance (painting, roof work, interior cleaning) for her vacant home, BCS manages most of the aspects of Frances daily living requirements under her direction with the full approval of her out-of-state power-of-attorney.